Did you know that if you reside in Ohio and die without a will (intestate), your assets will pass under the Ohio Statute of Descent and Distribution, meaning the law and not you will determine who inherits from your estate? Not having a will can also cost your estate additional money during probate and increases the possibility of litigation when determining who may inherit from your estate. It also means that you have not provided instructions on who is to administer the estate, so the probate court will have to appoint an executor and that executor will have to post bond, even if the court appoints a close family member.

You can avoid the legal difficulties of dying intestate by contacting the attorneys at Brunsdon Law Firm today. Our team of attorneys have the experience you need to prepare a will.

Estate Planning Wills

While a will is not a full guarantee against someone raising a claim against your estate, if properly prepared and executed, a will does document and protect your wishes on the administration of your estate and the distribution of your assets.

In a will, you formally express how your estate is to be handled, including:

  • Who inherits from your estate
  • Any charitable contributions to be made out of your estate
  • Who will administer your estate and if that administrator must post a bond
  • How funeral costs and debts will be paid from your estate
  • If a trust is to be established to care for any minor children


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