Tax Appeals

Anyone who has ever faced disputing a proposed income tax adjustment or the results of an income tax audit with the IRS, State of Ohio or a city taxing agency, knows what a complex and time consuming task this can be. Not to mention that, without advice on the tax laws or procedures for disputing a proposed tax adjustment, it is easy to become overwhelmed.

In fact, many people are not aware of their taxpayer rights, including the right to representation prior to speaking to a taxing authority and the right to dispute a proposed tax adjustment through appeals and even tax court. Even if you are aware of your taxpayer rights, you must properly follow all procedures in the appeals process to protect those rights. This can be very time consuming and, if you miss one deadline or procedure, you may forever lose your right to dispute the issue.

“…many people are not aware of their taxpayer rights…”

Bottom line, even if you feel comfortable appealing a proposed tax adjustment, you may not have the time or knowledge needed to achieve the outcome you desire.

That is why hiring a legal and tax representative to help on your tax issue is the wisest decision you can make. Your decision to hire a legal and tax professional is the best defense in protecting your rights throughout the appeals process and, if needed, into tax court.


When considering the appeal of a tax issue, you understand that the person representing the IRS or state or local taxing authority is a knowledgeable and trained professional. More than likely, your tax experience is limited to filing your own taxes. Therefore, protect your rights throughout the appeals process by hiring a trusted legal and tax professional.

When you work with Brunsdon Law Firm you will have professional guidance from Terri Brunsdon, an established attorney and reputable CPA with a Masters in Tax, so you will find the answer to your problem in one place.


Tax AppealsIt is important to contact a legal and tax professional as soon as you are aware of a tax issue. Many tax issues have critical deadlines that must be met to protect your rights. If you delay, you could lose your right to challenge the issue. You could also expose yourself to a tax levy, tax lien or court action. Do not delay!

Whether you need help with tax planning, a tax audit, tax debt settlement, a tax payment plan, tax lien, tax levy or a tax appeal, Brunsdon Law Firm is here to help you make sense of it all.

It cannot happen until you make the first step. Start by calling today at 330.374.1166. You can also email us at to request a call or appointment, but keep your confidentiality protected by not including any details on your issue. Brunsdon Law Firm is here to help with all your tax needs.