Ohio Attorney

Get a quality, experienced Ohio attorney at Brunsdon Law Firm to handle your personal and business legal concerns. With years of experience in the legal industry as well as in the accounting field, Terri Brunsdon can give you cost-effective legal representation. Terri is not only a lawyer, but also a CPA with a Master’s in Tax. She has authored several accounting textbooks. Some of the areas she works in are:

At Brunsdon Law Firm we represent you or your company in matters of strategic advice, of tax appeals, audits, litigation, and debt resolution. We help officers of companies with their personal legal and tax requirements.

Business Attorney
Brunsdon Law Firm offers legal counsel in all business matters from purchasing real estate to setting up your human resources department to business contracts and negotiation.

Corporate Attorney
At Brunsdon Law Firm we can help you with all kinds of corporate law and accounting and tax matters that will affect the profitability of your company. Look to us for mergers, acquisitions, stocks, taxes, real estate purchases, and dividends. We offer business planning solutions and ongoing advice to protect your bottom line.

Small Business Attorney
Look to us for advice to start a business, make contracts, set up procedures, prepare you to claim tax credits and deductions. The choices you make can affect:

  • Your ability to raise capital
  • Your personal liability
  • The paperwork required
  • The types of owners allowed
  • The set of tax rules used

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