Ohio Small Business Attorney

To set up a new business or stay abreast of all the changing Ohio laws relating to home businesses and small businesses, engage an Ohio small business attorney like Terri Brunsdon of Brunsdon Law Firm. Take advantage of the tax deductions and credits available for small businesses and avoid penalties on laws you didn’t even know applied to you.

Start a New Business with Help From Brunsdon Law Firm

If you have recently started a new business or are planning to do so, contact an Ohio attorney that has years of experience in:

  • Company structure (sole proprietor, LLC, partnership, corporation)
  • Tax planning, auditing, appealing, and negotiations
  • Business setup
  • Consultation
  • Real estate
  • Franchises, acquisitions, and mergers
  • Contract law
  • Human resource documentation and laws

Comply with Obamacare Requirements

Ask a knowledgeable small business attorney, like Terri Brunsdon, how Obamacare affects your business. It is part of our job to be current on all the latest federal, state, and local rulings that affect small businesses.

Get the Best Tax Advantage

Let us review your practices and give you strategic tax advice to position you for a better tax advantage for the coming year. We can also prepare you for a tax audit, litigation, or appeal. If you have unpaid taxes, let us negotiate a settlement and get you compliant.

Seek a Competent Ohio Small Business Attorney

For help with your small business, contact us at Brunsdon Law Firm. Work with Terri Brunsdon, who is not only an Ohio attorney, but also a CPA with a Master’s in Tax. She has also published several accounting textbooks. Combining her knowledge of Ohio law, taxes, accounting, and years of experience can give you the edge you need to protect your company, and position it for growth. Set up a consultation today.

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