Ohio Corporate Attorney

Find an Ohio corporate attorney at Brunsdon Law Firm to handle your company’s legal needs. Whether you need help to grow your company, defend your statutes, or advise you on tax statutes, you can depend on Brunsdon Law Firm to give you the advice you need and give you skilled representation, too.

Look for a Qualified, Experienced Ohio Corporate Attorney

At Brunsdon Law Firm you would be represented by Terri Brunsdon, who has many years of experience as an Ohio corporate attorney and can answer your questions about corporate law. She can also advise you on the fine points of accounting since she is a CPA and has her Master’s in Tax. Terri is a noted author of several accounting textbooks. This unique combination of training gives her the perfect background to represent Ohio corporations.

Match Your Needs with Brunsdon’s Experience

Terri Brunsdon’s background makes her the best person to help your corporation with things like:

  • Contracts and litigation
  • Mergers, franchises and acquisitions
  • Business formation and restructuring
  • Buyouts
  • Real estate
  • Selling your company
  • Stock offers
  • Succession planning
  • Human resources law compliance and documentation

Relax with Brunsdon Law Firm on Your Side

Many corporations do not have their own legal departments and prefer to use an independent attorney. Put your legal concerns aside and relax in the careful hands of Brunsdon Law Firm. We keep you informed as we do things to:

  • Handle your legal problems
  • Structure your company for the future
  • Help you grow
  • Save you money on taxes
  • Defend your honor

Get More Information about an Ohio Corporate Attorney

At Brunsdon Law Firm our mission is to serve each client with cost-effective, legal and tax services in a timely manner. Contact us to set up a free phone consultation today to discuss what Brunsdon Law Firm can do for your legal problems. Get an Ohio attorney to handle your corporate legal, accounting, and tax concerns.

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