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Small and medium sized corporations are usually not large enough to have a tax attorney on staff to determine the legality of their commercial transactions. This places them at a decided disadvantage. Brunsdon Law Firm in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, offers these corporations a solution for this problem. By engaging Terri Brunsdon, an Ohio corporate tax attorney, on an as-needed basis, small and medium-sized corporations can have affordable legal advice for all their transactions.

The Realms of a Corporate Tax Attorney

Don’t underestimate the value of a corporate tax attorney. This lawyer is often employed in consultive roles, but can also be priceless in litigation. Here are some of the areas of expertise involved:

  • Legalities of commercial transactions
  • Tax implications of contracts
  • Zoning laws and abatements
  • Enterprise zones
  • Licensing
  • Bankruptcy
  • Restructuring of the business
  • Securities laws
  • Responsibilities of corporate officers and their taxes
  • Accounting practices and documentation
  • Tax code and timetable
  • Intellectual property rights

Why Terri Brunsdon Should Be Your Ohio Corporate Tax Attorney

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Terri Brunsdon decodes the complex tax code into plain English that makes sense in a business context for your corporation. This enables you can be in compliance with the law. She can advise you in all of the above areas, as well as help in business and tax planning. Terri is not only a corporate tax attorney in Ohio, but she is also a CPA in both Ohio and West Virginia. Terri holds a Master’s degree in Taxation, has experience as a Public Accountant and a Chief Financial Officer, and has published books on Accounting. Her expertise can make a difference in your future. She can advise you on personal or business tax issues.

The Value of Your Corporate Tax Attorney

Not only can your Ohio corporate tax attorney give you great advice on your taxes, but consider these benefits as well:

  • Helps you avoid costly fees, interest, and penalties from missed tax payments
  • Guides you in large transactions to avoid financial pitfalls
  • Represents you at audits, appeals, and in tax court saving valuable time and energy
  • Advises you in mergers and acquisitions
  • Can setup documentation practices for your company to ensure your compliance and ease for the next time you are audited
  • Can represent you in litigation for a lessor tax amount for delinquent taxes that involve interest, penalties, and fees.

All of this adds up to significant savings for many companies. Avoid the stress and headaches of missed opportunities by hiring an Ohio corporate tax attorney on a part-time, as-needed basis. Be sure your corporation is in compliance with the law, informed, and prepared to move forward.

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