Ask an Ohio Business Tax Attorney About Saving Money

Whether your business is large or small, incorporated or not, taxes are always something you want to minimize. Every dollar that goes out of your business coffers is one less dollar to provide jobs or pay for capital expenses or do research for the future of your company. Every company needs to consult with an Ohio business tax attorney at creation of the company, at major milestones in the company’s history, and whenever there is a potential conflict with a taxing agency.

Ways to Save on Money with an Ohio Business Tax Attorney

  • Business setup. Whenever you start a new Ohio business, it is good to have a tax attorney with business and tax experience check your business structure and draw up the needed paperwork. This gives you the best posture for success in your particular business and protects you from any personal law suites as a result of any business issues.
  • Business planning. Your lawyer can give you business advice and explain tax implications for business contracts, acquisitions, mergers, and more. As you grow your business, gain a good rapport with your business tax attorney to keep from making costly mistakes.
  • Unfavorable business situations. Your business tax attorney is familiar with Ohio laws and can advise you if:
    • a business restructuring would help your company pay less tax
    • a non-disclosure or non-compete form would provide safety from employee knowledge drain
    • breach of contract with an unsavory client will get you off the hook
    • the effects of bankruptcy for your business will impact your personal life.

    Your attorney may also be able to suggest other ways to solve your dilemma.

  • Tax audits. You should never attend a tax audit alone. It is usually wise to send your attorney.
  • Tax appeals. Taxing agencies sometimes make mistakes or need more information about a situation. Don’t be afraid to appeal a tax decision that did not go in your favor. Your Ohio business tax attorney can handle this for you – saving you both time and stress. Your attorney can even attend the hearing without you.
  • Delinquent tax litigations. There are many reasons that taxes due may not have been paid or paid on time. If ignored, huge penalties and fines can be added to them. If let go too long, the taxes authorities can levy even worse consequences. It pays to have your Ohio business tax attorney get you into compliance with the law as quickly as possible, and to negotiate a smaller tax settlement amount.
  • Find an Ohio Business Tax Attorney to Help Your Business

    Look no further than Terri Brunsdon of Brunsdon Law Firm in Akron. She can help you with all your legal and accounting needs in the state of Ohio. Whether you are a corporation or a sole proprietorship, Terri stands ready to represent you for all your business and tax needs. Her qualifications speak to her expertise:

    • Terri is licensed by the Ohio bar association.
    • She is a CPA in Ohio and West Virginia.
    • Terri has a Master’s degree in Taxation.
    • Terri is considered an expert in her field. She has written and published books on Accounting.
    • Terri has real world experience. Before entering the legal field, Terri served as a Public Accountant and as a Chief Financial Officer.

    Contact Terri to setup an appointment to help you with your business today. For privacy reasons, do not put lots of details in your email.

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