Tax Lawyer Akron, Ohio

Tax Lawyer Akron OhioWhen searching for a tax lawyer in Akron, Ohio you are looking for an experienced and knowledgeable professional in tax law like Terri Brunsdon at Brunsdon Law Firm.


At Brunsdon Law Firm you will work with Attorney Terri Brunsdon. She is admitted to practice law in the State of Ohio and is a licensed Certified Public Accountant in Ohio and West Virginia. Terri has a Masters in Taxation and, prior to her legal career, worked as a Public Accountant and Chief Financial Officer. She is also the author of several textbooks on accounting software. Terri has experience delivering successful tax solutions to her clients. At Brunsdon Law Firm individuals and small to mid-size businesses will find the accounting, tax, and legal solutions they need to succeed. If you are searching for tax planning, tax audit representation, tax appeals, tax litigation or tax debt resolution services, Terri is the person to add to your team.

Planning ahead can save you money on your taxes

Every year, many people pay tax bills that may be larger than necessary. You can avoid tax mistakes and may even reduce your tax bill by hiring Brunsdon Law Firm to implement tax planning strategies tailored to your situation. We provide advice such as accounting for income, maximizing deductions, setting up retirement plans, and taking advantage of tax incentives.

Be represented at a tax audit

When you are notified of a tax audit, the first call should be placed to a tax professional. Whether it is an IRS, state, or city tax audit, you do not need to handle it alone.

Brunsdon Law Firm will:

  • Explain the scope and nature of the audit.
  • Assist you in preparing for the audit.
  • Represent you by meeting with the auditor.
  • File an appeal if you disagree with the audit results.
  • Take the steps need to abate tax penalties.

Appeal a tax position

You shouldn’t always accept a proposed change to your tax return. Perhaps more information needs to be supplied or a tax appeal may need to be filed to begin litigation on your position. When considering the appeal of a tax issue, you will want a knowledgeable, trained professional representing your interests before the IRS, state, or local taxing authority. Protect your rights throughout the appeals process by hiring our trusted legal and tax professional at Brunsdon Law Firm.

Enjoy the relief that comes from tax debt resolution

Many taxpayers get behind in taxes. Failing to file tax returns or ignoring the IRS, state, or city taxing authority is not the answer. If you continue to ignore a tax problem, they will not only issue a tax levy but may also file a tax lien against your property, which will lower your credit score. Further, interest and penalties will continue to be added to your unpaid tax debt.

Instead of ignoring your tax problem, let Brunsdon Law Firm help. Terri Brunsdon has experience in successfully obtaining negotiated settlements with the IRS for her clients. We can help you take the steps that will bring you into compliance with the tax laws and will work with the IRS, state, or city taxing authority on your behalf to resolve your tax problems.

Get legal representation

At Brunsdon Law Firm our mission is to serve each client by providing cost-effective legal and tax services in a timely manner. To make sure you get the legal and tax audit representation you deserve, call Brunsdon Law Firm at 330.374.1166 or toll free at 855.501.5971. You can also email a request by filling out our contact form, but protect your confidentiality by not emailing particular details about your issue.

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