Dealing with Corporate Tax

If corporate taxes are getting you down, take heart. Experienced, legal advice is available to reduce your stress. Brunsdon Law Firm offers large and small corporations tax advice to help you with all your tax questions; for example, we:

  • Educate start-ups on which taxes apply to them
  • Do strategic tax planning
  • Double-check this year’s tax forms
  • Prepare you for an audit
  • Appeal a decision
  • Resolve unpaid tax debt
  • Verify you have the right business structure
  • Check to see if you qualify for tax exemptions
  • Look for additional deductions and tax credits

Clear Up the Mystery of Which Taxes Apply to Your Corporation

We can help you learn which taxes you need to pay and when they are due. “C” corporations and “S” corporations are treated differently when it comes to taxes.

There is more to corporate tax than just federal income tax, although that is the one we usually think of first. Whether you are a start-up or have been in business for years, laws change and tax requirements change. At Brunsdon Law Firm we keep up with all the changes for our clients. We would be glad to answer your questions, including “What is a corporate tax?

Relax with Strategic Planning for Corporate Income Tax

Corporations, like individuals, must complete tax returns yearly. Quarterly estimated tax payments are required. Plan ahead in order to claim all the available deductions and tax credits. Details to ask your tax attorney about include:

  • Controlled groups of corporations may file a consolidated return
  • Some corporate transactions are not taxable, including most formations and some mergers, acquisitions, and liquidations
  • Foreign income taxes may be required and may lead to a foreign tax credit here
  • Qualifications for the R&D tax credit on the federal or state level
  • Advantages of being in an enterprise zone

Get Answers About Other Corporate Taxes

Income tax is not the only Corporate business tax. There are also:

  • Misc. local taxes
  • Property tax
  • Payroll tax
  • Withholding tax
  • Excise tax
  • Customs duties
  • Value added tax
  • Sales tax

Talk with our tax attorney for corporate tax help on any of these topics and more.

Realize That There Is a Corporate Tax Attorney to Help You Be Successful

Whether you need help with tax-deductible expenses or corporate tax payments or you want to know the difference between an “S” corporation and a “C” corporation, we can help. Contact us at Brunsdon Law Firm for all your legal tax concerns, and let us help you be successful.

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