Corporate Tax Help

If your corporation doesn’t have its own tax or legal department, you may want to retain the services of a tax attorney to help you with all the complexity of tax laws, as well as to keep you up-to-date on changes in tax law. Here are some areas of concern that you should investigate with your tax attorney:

  • Investigate the Structure of Your Business
    Is your business structure the best one for the amount and type of business you are doing? The entity type that you choose will in some cases decide whether you or your business pays income taxes on the business income. Ask your attorney if there is value in changing to operate as a ‘C’ corporation, ‘S’ corporation, partnership, LLC, or sole proprietorship.
  • Plan ahead for your taxes
    Every year, so many people pay tax bills that may be larger than necessary. Avoid tax mistakes that lead to higher taxes or even tax penalties. Implement tax planning now for next year’s taxes.
  • Be represented at a tax audit
    If you got the dreaded notification of a tax audit, you should call your tax attorney as quickly as possible to allow the maximum amount of time to prepare for the audit. If you choose Brunsdon Law Firm we will reduce your stress level by:

    • Explaining the scope and nature of the audit
    • Assisting you in preparing for the audit
    • Representing you by meeting with the auditor
    • Filing an appeal if you disagree with the audit results
    • Taking the steps needed to abate tax penalties
  • Appeal a tax resolution
    Not every tax authority decision is right. If you get a notice informing you of a change to your tax return, you shouldn’t always accept it. Perhaps more information needs to be given, or a tax appeal may need to be filed to start the litigation on your position. Protect your rights throughout the appeals process with an experienced legal and tax professional from Brunsdon Law Firm.
  • Resolve unpaid tax debt
    Corporations, like individuals, sometimes get behind in tax payments. Failing to file tax returns or ignoring the taxing authority will not work. Instead of letting the problem go unresolved, let Brunsdon Law Firm help you take the steps that bring you into compliance with the law. We can work with the IRS, state or city on your behalf to resolve the problems. We offer you the experience of resolving negotiated settlements with the IRS for our clients. Tax debt resolution gives your company a new, fresh start.

Find Experienced, Knowledgeable Corporate Tax Help

Contact us at Brunsdon Law Firm with all your tax concerns. Ask for Terri Brunsdon, who is both a lawyer and a CPA and has her master’s degree in tax. Terri has the experience of working with corporations in all kinds of tax situations. Let us bring you peace of mind today, knowing that your tax concerns are being addressed.

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