Corporate Business Tax Attorney

At Brunsdon Law Firm our corporate business tax attorney provides a full range of business and tax services for your company. We advise our business clients on every aspect of managing their businesses. Whether you are a new business wanting information on how to structure your business, or you are a corporation going through a tax audit, we can help you. Some common requests are:

  • business tax attorney akron ohioHow do I incorporate my business?
  • How do I sell part of my business?
  • Can you review these commercial leases?
  • I was unjustly ruled against by the IRS. Can you appeal it?
  • I owe lots of back taxes. Can you negotiate a lesser amount for me to pay?
  • Can you draft a partnership agreement?
  • How do I file business bankruptcy?
  • I need a business contract drafted to protect my business.
  • How do I insure the continuation of my business after my death?
  • Can you help me with a business acquisition? Merger? Spin-off?

Where Do I Find a Corporate Business Tax Attorney to Help Me?

Terri Brunsdon is the corporate business tax attorney at Brunsdon Law Firm. She has extensive business and legal experience. Not only is she a member of the bar in Ohio, but she is also a CPA in both Ohio and West Virginia. Terri continued her studies to gain a Master’s degree in Tax. Before entering her legal career, Terri served as both a Public Accountant and a Chief Financial Officer. Terri has also written several accounting books. Her background gives her a heart for business and an understanding of the needs of the business community.

What Can You Do for Me?

Terri can provide you with advice on business and tax implications for decisions you are contemplating for your company. She works with not only corporations, but also partnerships, limited liability companies, and joint ventures. She handles all types of corporate law, including:

  • trusts, estates, and probate
  • organizing or restructuring your business
  • holding investments and real estate
  • leases and corporate financing
  • employment agreements and contracts or separation agreements, non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements
  • acquisitions, mergers, and sell-offs
  • compensation and benefits for executives and employees
  • tax exempt organization formation and operation
  • advice on employment tax issues
  • general tax planning

Contact Terri Today

Contact Brunsdon Law Firm for a consultation about your concerns. Terri can meet with you in person, or by Skype over the Internet, or by phone if a personal meeting is inconvenient. We meet with people all over the country in ways that are convenient for them. Complete the contact form, and Brunsdon Law Firm will contact you to set up an appointment. Indicate only generalities of your concern on the form for privacy reasons. We look forward to hearing from you.

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