Business Tax Help

Reduce your stress by getting qualified business tax help to deal with all your tax issues. From audit preparation to tax debt resolution, Brunsdon Law Firm has the knowledge and know-how to protect you and may even be able to reduce your overall taxes.

Reduce Your Tax Burden

Every year businesses pay more tax than necessary and often pay unnecessary penalties, all because they don’t have the tax knowledge or the time to deal with the tax structure. Business taxes can make or break a business. It is very important to claim all the deductions, exemptions, tax incentives, and tax credits available to lower the tax burden. Some can be rolled forward to help with future taxes. Others may mean extra cash back now. Seek advice on federal, state, and local income taxes from Brunsdon Law Firm.

Seek Help to Get Current with Overdue Taxes

If you have missed a deadline in the past, you may be subject to late fees, penalties, and interest from a governing body. These fees can add up fast if they are let go. Ignoring them or failing to file tax forms is not the answer. The IRS, state, or local government has the statutory power to collect your taxes. Let Brunsdon Law Firm speak for you and help with debt resolution. Let us get you back in compliance with the law.

Prepare for the Audit

You don’t need to face a tax audit alone. Make your first call to a qualified tax professional at Brunsdon Law Firm. We offer you peace of mind by:

  • Explaining the scope and nature of the audit
  • Assisting you in preparing for the audit
  • Representing you by meeting with the auditor
  • Filing an appeal if you disagree with the audit results
  • Taking the steps needed to decrease or eliminate tax penalties

Challenge a Tax Decision

Just because a taxing authority has issued a decision regarding your taxes doesn’t always mean it is right. There are times when you should not accept a change to your tax return. Perhaps they need more information to be supplied, or maybe a tax appeal should be filed to start litigation on your position. Protect your rights throughout the appeals process by hiring a trained professional to guard your interests before the IRS, state or local taxing authority.

Contact Us for Business Tax Help

You can find the trained, trusted, legal and tax professional that you need to protect you and your business at Brunsdon Law Firm. Terri Brunsdon is not only an attorney and a CPA, but also has her master’s degree in Tax. Terri’s mission is to serve each client by providing cost-effective legal and tax services in a timely manner. To make sure you get the legal and tax audit representation you deserve, simply contact us at Brunsdon Law Firm for an appointment today.

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