Services we focus on:

Brunsdon Law Firm advises clients in legal, financial and tax related services for small businesses and individuals.


Tax Planning

Brunsdon Law Firm provides tax planning advice for individuals and businesses, including maximizing deductions, establishing a retirement plan, utilizing tax incentives and documenting tax records to prepare for an audit.


Succession Planning

Succession planning for your business is one of the most important decisions you will face. There are many options to choose from and the decision could be overwhelming. That's where Brunsdon Law Firm can help. Our attorneys will work with you to evaluate your options and make the best decision for you.


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  • New IRS People First Policy

    The New IRS People First Policy

    The Internal Revenue Service has been stating since the Trump Administration came into office that they wanted to be a "kinder and gentler" government agency, and it now appears they are taking action to support the claim. The fallout of the Coronavirus pandemic has resulted in the passage of a new emergency relief bill providing funds for all American taxpayers regardless of there previous tax ...